Bike ride on the Lusenzo lagoon

The cycle and pedestrian path allows you to go around the lagoon, starting from Sottomarina and arriving in Chioggia and/or vice versa. A beautiful view of the lagoon and a very suggestive “portrait” of the city make the walk very relaxing thanks also to the calm and tranquility of the place.

The weekly market of Chioggia

The weekly market takes place in Chioggia, along the Corso del popolo, and is known throughout the triveneto area. It takes place every Thursday, and is known as “el zioba” in the Chioggia dialect. It is one of the largest weekly markets in the whole of Veneto.

Museum “Torre dell’Orologio”

The museum itinerary winds through the various floors allowing the visitor, albeit briefly, to learn about the history of the city, the church of Saint Andrew and the “Clock Tower”. The pride of the museum, which it is named after, the medieval clock (contemporary with the one in Salisbury, England) marks the culmination of a journey through “time” punctuated by some astronomical information and an astrolabe which accompanies the visitor on a historical-temporal itinerary.

Pellestrina Island

Pellestrina Island is a thin strip of land in the Venetian lagoon which is separated from Chioggia by the Chioggia port inlets, and from the Venice Lido by the Malamocco port basin. Splendid to visit and easy to reach by sea from Chioggia.

The Po delta

The Po delta is a set of river branches that allow the Po river to flow into the northern Adriatic Sea after its course that starts from Monviso and crosses the entire Po Valley.


Venice, the capital of the Veneto region, sits on more than 100 small islands within a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. In this city there are no roads but canals, including the Grand Canal, flanked by Renaissance and Gothic palaces.

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